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Invest in a Young Entrepreneur


Assisting migrant families in the City of Melbourne to start their own business.

Were you born overseas? Have you thought about running a business with one or more of your family members?

Do you know what to do to start a business?

Keeping it in the family is a business Startup program held each Saturday for 6 weeks. The Incubator is for migrant families who live or work in the City of Melbourne.

We know that migrants are resourceful and often entrepreneurial and many are experienced in running a family-owned business. We want to make sure that Spanish-speaking people who want to start a business have the opportunity to do so.

Funded by the City of Melbourne and delivered by iGen Foundation in partnership with Jesuit Social Services, Keeping It in the Family will work with 40 families over two years from 2022 to 2023. The Incubators will be held in four different languages in 2022 and 2023.

Not everyone wants to be involved in a 6 workshop program so we start with a Big Ideas Day which will help you and a family member to explore a business idea or, if you have an idea, to look at the steps involved in bring your idea into reality. 

What happens at the Big Ideas workshop?

The purpose of the Big Ideas workshop is to help you take a business idea out of your head and put it on paper.

It's a 4 hours workshop (with lunch after) with a process we know will work to help you to form your idea as we've run many of these workshops over the years.

You can participate in the Big Ideas workshop without wanting to participate in the 6 workshop Business Start program. 

The workshop will be facilitated by one of our very experienced coaches. In order to participate in the Big IDeas workshop, you must attend with a family member.

When is the Big Ideas workshop?

From 10.00am to 2.00pm on Saturday 15 October. The workshop will be held in Melbourne CBD.

What happens in the Startup Incubator?

When starting a business it's really important to deeply understand your business or business idea. This is how you can work out in detail who your customer is, the problem they have that you're trying to solve for them and why what you offer is so important to them that they would buy from you.

The Keeping it in the Family Startup Incubator will take you through each of these steps as well as the financial aspects of setting up a business.

Each week, the workshops will cover a specific theme - customers or business promotion and marketing etc.

Ten businesses will also receive free business coaching within the program.

Who can be involved?

Keeping It in the Family is a specific initiative to help people born overseas to learn about starting a family business in Melbourne.



  • you or a family member were born overseas

  • you want to work with a family member to think of a business idea or you already have an idea or business you want to explore

  • and you or your family member live, work or study in City of Melbourne Council or surrounding Council areas, you are welcome to attend.

This Keeping it in the Family Incubator will be held in Spanish. The next Incubator, scheduled for early October will be for people who speak English. In 2023, the same Incubator will be held for people who speak Arabic and a final Incubator in 2023 will be held for another language group to be decided.

Who is considered family?

Anyone related to you.

  • parent/s, guardian or step parents, children or step children

  • brother, sister, half or step brother or sister

  • grandparent or step grandparent, aunty, uncle or cousin.

You are welcome to bring more than one family member to the Startup Incubator.

When is the Keeping it in the Family Startup Incubator?

The Startup Incubator begins on 15 October from 10.00am - 2.00pm in Melbourne CBD. Lunch will be provided after the workshop.

The Incubator will be held from 10.00am to 2.00pm on Saturday:
-  22 October in person
-  29 October in person
-   6 November in person
-  13 November online
- 20 November online
- 20 November in person

Project partners
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A special thank you to our funding partner
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