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What we do


We're on a mission to support founders of the future. All types of people who have a quest to make their business dreams a reality.

We're on a mission to help existing business owners to grow their business.
We have the tools and expertise as well as investor and other connections to move business ideas forward. 
We are passionate about business ownership shaping the future of individuals, and communities resulting in social, economic and innovation outcomes.
There's no better time to start a business.

Business Explorer Workshop

The 1.5 hour Business Explorer workshop takes young people through a series of discussions to identify if self-employment is an option for them.

This small group format for up to 15 young people works well as a careers expo event or for any young people who may not fit traditional education, employment and training pathways.

Business Discovery Workshop

Starting a business in 2022 is easier than starting a business even three years ago but this can mean an overwhelming number of choices about the type of business to start - fashion, health, education, technology; the method for sales - ecommerce; bricks and mortar and then, which product or service to sell?

This 3 hour Business Discovery workshop is designed to follow on from the Business Explorer workshop or can be held as a stand alone event.

Big Ideas Day

A Big Ideas Day is the perfect introduction to business ownership. It’s a day that will kick-start the entrepreneurial and problem solving skills of your community.
Working through a process that evaluates business viability as well as opportunities for success, our Big Ideas Day invites all types of people and all types of ideas, helping participants identify potential for further financial or time investment in their business idea.

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Business Builder Workshop

A two-day workshop that lets participants focus on developing  their idea or growing their existing business.

Facilitating a process of customer validation, value proposition, costs and revenue, channels to market all ensure that participants leave the Business Builder workshop with skills and resources to take the next step to business ownership or growth.

Meet some of our alumni.

12 week pre-accelerator

A blend of online and in person coaching, mentoring, roundtables. web development and pitching, our 3 month pre-accelerator programs provide ongoing and intensive business support to participants. ​

Many businesses have launched or grown in this short time and the tools and resources have lifetime value for participants.

Meet one of the alumni.

6 month accelerator

To scale or go global, this accelerator program provides intensive business development, online learning, management coaching, mentoring, peer to peer learning and pitch skills.

Meet one of the alumni.

10 month incubator

Over 10 months, participants with an idea or an early stage startup are taken through a process of business building to increase the likelihood of business success after 2 years.

Meet some of the alumni.

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Pitch events

Whether you need to create a 30 second elevator pitch to answer the question, "so, what do you do" at networking events or a longer pitch to convince investors to finance the next stage of your company's growth, pitching is an essential skill for all business owners.


We equip participants with the skills and confidence to ensure their business pitch is engaging and powerful.

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