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Intercultural Innovation

Unlocking the Power of Intercultural Innovation:

Building Bridges, Fostering Harmony

Every year, Australia opens its arms to hundreds of thousands of migrants, embracing them as permanent residents. At iGen Foundation, we recognize that true integration goes beyond residency status—it's about forging connections, breaking down barriers, and creating vibrant communities where everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, religion, language, or ethnicity, feels a sense of belonging.

Intercultural settlement is the cornerstone of positive experiences for newcomers. It calls for the development of networks within communities that bring together individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds—First Nations Australians, Australian-born non-Indigenous people, and fellow overseas-born residents. It's about stepping out of our comfort zones, fostering understanding, sharing experiences, and building meaningful relationships.


The Role of Local Government: Catalysts for Change

As the government closest to the community, local governments play a pivotal role in catalyzing intercultural interactions. Imagine deliberate efforts at the local government level to reduce fear, promote economic development, forge friendships, encourage meaningful interactions, and enhance harmony and social cohesion. What if communities thrived interculturally?

A Catalyst for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

iGen Foundation proudly champions interculturalism, a new term and practice in Australia. We believe in the value it brings to entrepreneurship and innovation. Our commitment is reflected in our active participation in the Intercultural Cities Australian National Network (ICANN), a national arm of the Council of Europe’s Intercultural Cities (ICC) program.

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How does multiculturalism differ from interculturalism?

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Intercultural Cities Australian National Network

ICANN, a national network aligned with the Council of Europe’s ICC program, is a platform where local government authorities in Australia come together to promote intercultural policies and practices. iGen Foundation actively voices the needs of entrepreneurship within ICANN, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Membership of ICANN: Join the Movement

ICANN membership is open to local governments, Council of Europe’s ICC network members, cities interested in adopting intercultural approaches, and representatives from all levels of government. Whether you're a policymaker, practitioner, researcher, or advocate for interculturalism, join us in shaping a future where communities thrive through intercultural innovation.

Embark on this transformative journey with iGen Foundation. Let's build a future where diversity is celebrated, connections are forged, and innovation knows no bounds. Together, we are the architects of a more inclusive and harmonious tomorrow.

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